I am an Artist, I dont work for free

I am a rebel with a cause to create bombs and explosions,
A creative side I am chosen, so don’t you come imposing,
For I am worth more than a thank you I create life with my craft,
You you subtract me, add more of you, you doing the wrong math,

So pay me my worth so I can create a legacy and let it live on,
I create whether I am sick, injured, even until death  in a chaotic storm,
So let me see my bank account rise and so will me eyes, add a big surprise,
And I will create more and be more giving, create entertainment for the life you are living.

Q: What was your favorite line or part in the short?


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
“Rival Many, Praise Few”


© 2013 Jixi Fox

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