So my neighbor is a creep,
I mean real creepy,
I just can’t figure him out,
I see him peeking into other people’s houses late at night,
This dude even dares peek in people’s houses in broad day light,
When I ask him why he do it out of curiosity when we accidentally got in a conversation,
And I do mean by accident,
I was exiting my house through the front door one day,
And he was at my door steps like he was fitting to walk in,
I was like excuse me my dude,
What the fudge are you doing,
And the answer he gave me,
Is the same answer he later gave me on why he was peeking into people’s houses,
He said, “I am trying to see how you living”
I was like damn this guy is brave,
And I dare ask the next follow-up question,
For what? I asked,
He dead ass said, “Because turn down for what?”
I was like get the fudge out of here,
And he added,
I also was peeking to see who I am going to rob next,
I was shocked,
I was like DAMN,
Okay you got it homie,
I was so happy, because I don’t got shiz,
So we became best friends,
What a funny guy,
The way he is going to die or get locked up is going to be something you can’t miss,
I would love to hear what he says to the judge, jury or even GOD.


It’z Jixi





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