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E is for EGO

ego stroke

E is for ego,
Don’t you see how my head is so big,
It’s been this way all the way back from when I was a kid,
I like to battle,
Challenge me in scrabble,
I bet you will lose and I will just win,
I know I am cocky,
Your road is rocky,
I get under your skin,
I just laugh at you,
You so confused,
For that I just grin,
I do my thing,
I am the best,
You can’t contest,
You are second best,
You can’t impress,
So I am the limelight,
You are my shadow,
I uppercut you,
Get over here,
Scorpion I sting with every word,
I am just bored,
Let me get out of here,
Oh yeah, you suck,
Have a good night two finger’s up,
Light’s out, dusk.

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It’z Jixi







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