CONGRATS ON MY 1,000th POST [Milestone] #Poetry #Haiku

Congrats on “1,000 Posts”


From day one I saw the mountain,
I dreamed of climbing it,
I place my feet forward,
And prepped my hands for a long climb up,
And off I went bravely into the night,
Day after day,
And created a catalog of memories,
What more can I say,
But I have tried and will keep on climbing…

I am happy to announce that I just reached my 1,000th post here on  It’s a very exciting time for me and I just want to celebrate this achievement with you all.  It’s a proud moment to see that I have come this far and still felt like I just only started expressing myself, writing poems and comedy to entertain people across the world daily.  It’s an honor to have still be writing and reading comments from everyone who enjoy’s what I (Jixi Fox) has been putting my long nights and creativity into.

Thank you all, and I hope to see you all on another 1,000 post when we get there…

As I write this post, I want to show that it’s possible for you to make it anywhere you dreamt on reaching, by just starting and believing.  Once you have started your journey you can always look back and see the distance you have travel and be impressed.  I also want to take this time to reach out to anyone who just need someone to believe in them and may have tips to help them succeed in writing and living your life the way to like and share what’s on your mind.

With that I created a new page on my site of the BEST OF JIXI FOX for you to catch up on my best works and moments.

Thank you again…

Much love…


It’z Jixi


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