blog anniversary-1x

It’s like another birthday,
Another celebration,
A new happiness,
Another anniversary of art, poetry and comedy.

Smile –> Jixi (you deserve a pat on the back for your hard work of awesomeness.)

Happy “7 Year” Anniversary here on my blog.  It’s very hard to start something so long ago and still going.  I want to just say I am blessed to still be able to create, interact and connect with people every day, every year around the world.  Thank you all for your support and appreciation for what I have created here.  After 7 years in the game, it’s only fair to say, it’s time to be “On To The Next One“…Watch out for Jixi.

Do you have a favorite memory or poem from Jixi Fox?

Check out the BEST OF JIXI FOX page for Jixi best works and moments. 🙂

Thank you again…

Much love…


It’z Jixi

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