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It’s the grand opening,
For anything spoken,
Or sung,
It’s low key a competition,
Each and everyone,
Who submit,
Could broadcast their talents,
While winning something legit,
So each and every week,
Submissions are open to the stage,
Get out of your cage,
Showcase your voice on centerstage,
Don’t be afraid,
To brave,
There is an audience for everyone.

*Note. “I have to include a small piece to see even if I am good enough for open mic night. 🙂
“In everything you do, add value.”

Calculating my beans,
Running the streets with my team,
Hustling hard because we are fiends,
So digital I am Microsoft Teams,
I believe,
I can create change,
Won’t know if it works,
Unless I drive my myself insane,
I am not the chosen one,
But I am game,
To put myself on a platform,
And maintain,
I am not the only one,
So I need to dig,
So long until the hole,
Is truly open,
Never stop until the opportunity in golden,
And the world has spoken,
Building credit,
And not debt,
You might feel like it’s impossible,
But never give in.

Every week, I am hosting OPEN MIC NIGHT on my blog starting in August 2022… It will be on a trial run. Where each week between Tuesday and Saturday talents across the globe can can submit a poem or song to be to enter in our weekly contest to win a prize. The goal is to build a community of original content and creators, and showcase their talents to the world in a unique form. I will rank what I think is the best 5-20 each week, in which the OPEN MIC NIGHT is open for viewing and polling to the world on MONDAY’s at 8pm.

I think it’s fairly simple. Share your original created craft, to possibly win, but also but in a lineup of other creatives, to be shared to a new audience to gain new viewership and possibly win something cool. I think it’s a win win.

I know this is a new initiative, in case I don’t have any submissions, my goal is to enter a few creators and tag them in, if they want to opt in, and showcase blogs, poetry, stories, songs, poems, creators around the world in the online WordPress community.

Submissions will be taken via several sources… I am working out the details currently, check back soon, as the release is soon upon us.

Mostly it may be via Instagram, TikTok & Youtube links for submission. For each if you are a creator you should be using your social media and displaying your art to the world.


Photo by Himal Rana
Photo by Viktor Forgacs
Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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My nemesis says,
I can let believe that’s you,
I am like who me,
They like yea you,
Grab your plate,
Finish your food,
I am like,
Let me get a napkin,
To wipe my face,
I don’t want to be rude.

I can’t believe,
You are living your dreams,
Reigning supreme,
Looking so fresh,
And so clean,
You ain’t even mean,
You happy,
Your hair is black,
And also nappy,
Your rhymes are extra rappy,
Always on the chat,
They calling you snappy,
You are all over the globe,
They calling you mappy,
You crack me up,
You are extra sappy,
Saying the most wonderful things,
You invite me to every win,
You teach everyone,
From your losses,
People oh so wish,
You were their boss,

A best friend,
You so kind,
Got damn,
I am your fan,
I was like,
You got me blushing,
I speak many languages,
Including Russian,
I rush yards,
I come out at night,
I am your star.

I write stories through poetry and lyrics. I want your imagination to explode, and explore word play, and catchy lines. I work hard for those quick smiles. That’s absolutely one of the reasons I write.

In this story: People appreciate you more than you know. It may seem like hate, but it’s envy. Sometimes the smallest thing about you, have other react in unpredictable manners. You can be humble, and be real, be you and stay true. You might be the star in the sky that they look to. Keep doing you.

Photo by Ibrahima Toure

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I am loud as ever,
Don’t ask me to shut up,
I have the mission locked in,
Don’t let me pop up,
I am about to be a beast,
You want me locked up,
I exist,
Never down,
I have the top up,
Off the roof,
New whip on the streets,
You can’t see me with my words,
Continue reading,
I am ahead of the game,
I am already leading,
You hungry,
I am fed,
I been already eating,
Pop in on my zoom,
It’s that kind of meeting,
You know I am hot,
I been on the stove,
Forever heating.

Photo by Ruben Valenzuela

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© ℗ 2022 | Jixi Fox