January 7, 2009

Jixi Fox

Fox tried and FAILED, I came too late, I learned my lesson, in a weird way today, yup in the rain this time with a BUSTED UMBRELLA, Hmm I Still Have LOVE Though.

People saying its time for a change, and fudge it, It’s time for OBAMA, It’s time for JIXI. Remember the fox is cunning, sly and fudging AMAZING, Watch me Dig A Hole In NEW YORK this Year. I GOT THIS BABY….It’s so Totally Jixi. The Creative Season has begin.


January 6, 2009

Jixi Fox

The time has come, Imma show you how the west was won, Jixi with a single pistol sendin shots at everyone, Suited commando with an arsenal snatching up AMMO.

The time has come, Imma show you how the west was won, Jixi with a single pistol sendin shots at everyone, Suited up as a commando with an arsenal snatching up mad ammo, Maybe this year is not ready for me, one thing is for sure if this year got a lock I definitely got the key.

Jixi Fox – Jixifox.com

I am ME, Me is HE, That Can BE, Who is HE, HE is ME.

I am ME, Me is HE, That Can BE, Who is HE, HE is ME.
by: Jixi Fox

Let’s get the uzi, the mack, the mp5 and the automatics, I am going in full blazing, Left shots to take out the lames, Right shots taking out the ones I had aimed, I am truly a force that should be stopped, but why should I be, I am all that they got, the call me the Beast, a weird guy none or the least, when ever i say smile people show me cheese, I fit no stereotypes I am unique as can be, but it’s always debate who really is he, I am Jixi mr. conversationalist traditional well manner mo fudger, I take baths, i tidy up nice and i love to take showers, Money reject my pockets they said they need to be invested, When i just be chilling I think my money is really Interesting, Mass Communications its a definite honor that i am still right here, I am gonna stomp with my LA light in the dark becuz there is Nothing I fear. I can’t be afraid to be ME, because who is me, I am me who is he, HE is ME.

By: Jixi Fox

Jixi’s 2008-2009: Media Events Calender

Jixi’s 2008-2009: Media Events Calender
August 2008 – “THE PREPARATION”

– Multiple Photoshoots
– Video Production
– First Music Video Recorded

September 2008 – “THE ATTACK”

– Updates on Profiles
– My 1st Fair Appearance
– Meet New People
– Got a Raise
– Network
– Hosted (2) Photoshoots

October 2008 – “THE DROP”

I See Them...
I See Them...

K.E. refined by: Jixi Burna feat. C.T.T.C.
Music Album
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Kreative Expressions by: Jixi Burna
Poetry Book
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Welcome to the BurnaDome by: Jixi Burna & Friends
Release Date: October 21, 2008

Sometimes I think I am too Ambitious

I think people believe I am kind of cocky and full of myself via that I am always on the move to make a effect on something.  I can’t help that I have a drive to learn and experiment and just put out something in the ever so big but small world that we live in.  I am deem this year, PRODUCTION YEAR….upon completion of this year I want to have a wall of milestone to reflect on…This year is more IMPORTANT TO ME THAN ANY OTHER YEAR….  This the last year, I believe I will have the opportunity to be released and have the freedom to create and do the things I would like to do..

My Major-Goals of the YEAR..

1. Produce my own Independent Music Album

2. Write and Produce my own Independent Book

Too very hard form of production to work on and best yet make them successful…..   more to come