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Hello, October

Hi, friends of my blog/site and passer-bys, It’s October, let’s usher in a new month.  The Fall/Autumn season is back which is my favorite month and I am ready to rock and roll.

Soooooo, long time no write… I am writing today to be awesome this month.

Fall Season Vibes I Love
– chill cool weather
– warm tea
– fallen leaves photographs
– fall fashion

I got goals baby, I got goals… So much to come this month, and daily journaling is going to be a thing.  

3 Things To Focus On This Month…
1. Finish “3 Series” into a book.
2. Host A Giveaway
3. Release your Album

What are your plans for October?

I am Social, So Feel Free to Connect… 🙂 




Where did you come from,
Through my window,
I feel the wind pop,
One of your droplets,
Right into my palm,
I was just feeling,
There was going to be a storm,
Before the calm,
As I reach for you to touch,
My mind reflected back on so much,
Of the past that I have evolved from,
And how far to the sky I haven’t touch,
As I embrace your message,
I thank you for the feels,
Thinking of me,
Dripping happiness in every way.


Thanks for reading…
See you soon

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Laugh all you want,
While I am cooking up the racks,
Coming for your baskets,
And snatching up your snacks,
Everything is a fact,
And I already did the math,
Particularly coming for the cheese,
Like a mob of crazy rats.


Thanks for reading…
See you soon

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THE GOAL IS 1,000,000

challenge accepted - jixifox emoji

Hi Everyone,

Hello to all my new friends and old ones, here at the Jixi Fox HQ, we have a major announcement.  And yes, I know everyone does a corny announcement or celebration, but this time it’s different.  Lots of surprises, content, giveaway, promotions, and exclusives for everyone.  We are not selfish over here, so we have a few things to share with you.

It’s been decided and at extreme shock value, my goal is to bring my website to over 1,000,000 views.  As poetry, haiku, and art blog it may be a hard task, but I have never back down.  I have taken multiple breaks and it has hurt my viewership and a few aspects, but I know quality content is always a winning formula.  So here I come…

Thanks for reading…
See you soon

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It’s a smooth summer day,
Tonight it’s time to play,
Grab some friends,
Better yet your family,
Tonight we about to slay,
Feeling the groove,
Might be in a saucy mood,
It’s about the talk of the town,
It’s about to go down,
Heartbeat racing,
Feet moving and pacing,
We on the dance floor,
And everything is amazing.

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What is your favorite drink?

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2018: Jixi Fox

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broken heart

Slowly approach her with flowers or roses,
It will expose your kindness,
She needs a gentle reminder that nice things can happen,
Write her a note,
Say no words,
As she read a light poetry to light up her cheeks to smile,
Say excuse miss,
What’s your name,
For I want to know the name of the beautiful lady before me,
If you got a joke, tell it,
For even if it’s corny,
It could make the difference of you trying too hard,
Or you are nervous to be in her presence,
Compliment her in a unique way,
No need to be like damn shorty you fine,
Maybe talk about her hair, her nose even her eyes,
Surprise her with an invite to go for walk,
To just talk,
Why not you need to know how deep she has fallen,
So you can lift her up,
A broken heart needs healing,
And you are the doctor,
Take a chance at saving one,
Spin the wheel.


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Walked in the place to make a statement,
A long road coming from the basement,
I had a few bumps on the way displacement,
Until I step upon the stage screaming we made it,
I ain’t drake with the singing and rapping,
Just putting on the best show,
In my head saying I am going to make it happen,
Built from scratch or started from the bottom,
Now I am well received by everyone,
I am a mother rocking problem,
So the people are excited and cheering,
Rocking their head back and forth and in the air,
They went crazy when I dropped my classic bars,
They are hype off of life because they get to rock out with me,
Their shining star.


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netflix and chill meme comedy

She said to me,
What you doing?
I said nothing,
I am just chilling,
She then asks,
Do you want to Netflix and Chill,
I was already do nothing,
I figured why not,
Let do it,
It’s a date,
Got over there,
20 minutes later,
There was an eruption of something,
I was clueless before,
But now I am well aware,
For the movie she had no care,
Next thing I knew everything was tossed in the air,
I went in,
No turning back now,
Head on in without a fear.


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