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What do you think of the “NEW TITLE NAME” and “DESCRIPTION”?

Please I need your input… 🙂

Thank you are all you that have followed and subscribed to my blog.  I am so grateful, you just don’t even know.  I have hoped I have entertained you, made you laugh at the things I have written on my blog.  I try my best to try new word play that are simple and catchy.  I love the short form of humor.  I write these daily to bring a smile to your faces, all over the world.

Jixi Fox - Creative Nemesis - Grey

I am asking for your HELP today, just a simple opinion.  I have just recently changed my Title and Description of my blog and I wanted to know if you like it.  I thought the title before was too general, and a bit blah or mainly just needed an upgrade.

Here is what my title & description was before:

Funny Improv Comedy Acting and Entertainment
Jixi Fox is a weird guy, goofy at times, but super funny, and creative, living in nyc.

Here is what my title & description is today:

Jixi’s Life Leaf of Humor, Poetry & Free Verse
Jixi Fox is witty and goofy prose poetry comedian, actor, entertainer of parodies living in nyc.

I like the new title, via it goes with how I write and the type of humor and poetry I write.  I do tons more and they all are themed of random titles, life situations, playful wordplay and lyrics.  So I felt “Life Leaf” was a fresh feel.  I was thinking of my blog as a tree, and has a bunch of leaves they creates a whole.  Or you can think of it as a flower too, just blooming with happiness and fun for your everyday.

It really matters to me what you think and hope you can spend a few seconds to let me know your thoughts.

I thank you all for following and I try to reach out as much as I can and visit others blogs, even if it drop a smiley face for I enjoyed your work.  I am very simple, plus it’s a like, a view, a comment, and a happy smile all at once, to help you enjoy your day.

Anyways, if you need any help or got questions for me, you are always email me, leave a comment, or chit-chat with me on Twitter @jixifox or be friends on Facebook Jixi Fox.

Also if you like comedy sketches, I have Youtube channel with Funny Parodies and more.  Check them out and have a good laugh.

Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]
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Run Tel Dat


Nemesis-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Run and tell your friends that I am the man,
When I say the man, I mean the man with the plan,
When I talk all should listen and by the way stick out your wrist,
Let me borrow five dollars, I hit you back when I make it rich.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Sitting At The Park

Damn! (song)

I was sitting at the park, I saw I dog bark,
I saw a girl fart, she act like she ain’t did it,
Damn she can’t even admit it, I saw it in her face,
Damn I need to leave this park, it’s stinks what a disgrace.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Sex Slave, Be Brave

I can strap you down, I will never let you go,
Cheers to us, you are my Juliet, I am your Romeo,
I got handcuffs and blindfolds, but don’t be scared,
Let’s get into some freaky things, even things a little bit weird.

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

I Lay Awake, Too Damn Hot

Thought bubbles appear, saying enter caption here,
I think of clever things, mostly funny things others want to hear,
Then I act them out aloud, laughing damn my ass off,
Mainly at me, I can’t sleep, so DAMN HOT, why is my fan off?
(I needs to be cool)

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Lights On, Light Off

Looking for condom that fell on the floor, turn the LIGHTS ON
Trying to the pillow to snuggle with and cry alone, turn the LIGHTS OFF
Watching a cool ass movie on your bed before bed, turn the LIGHTS OFF 
Waking up in the morning, room still dark as hell, turn the LIGHTS ON

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Just A Fantasy | @jixifox

Jixi Fox - A Lyric A Day - WordPress

Eyes wide open but trapped in a dream state,
Ecstasy thoughts keeping my mind off track, quite derailed,
No mention of what is real from what I know is fake,
I create fantasies for my reality I can’t come to relay.
(No Escape, I Can’t Deal, Just A Fantasy, I Want To Make Real)

– Jixi Fox


(Project 365 | PostADay2012 – I vow to post each day a new lyric, phrase, saying or comedic idea for the entire 2012)