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#NewMusic Don’t Judge Me – Jixi B [Blog-A-Day-May] #21



It’s here, it’s here, everyone it’s here.  Are you excited?  Are you ready for some auto tune?  Well the 2nd single off the upcoming album “The Adventures of Auto Tune 2” is here.  Be fly and soar over to (http://www.reverbnation.com/jixifox) or (http://www.reverbnation.com/jixib) and listen and download a copy of the new single, “Don’t Judge Me“.  It’s quite an easy track and a bit short, but fun all the way round.  So take you a listen and let me know what you think.

Thanks so much.

Oh yea, this weekend I shall be working on bringing each single to YouTube so you can get it where ever you like to hear it.  If there is a place you would want it to be so you can enjoy them, please let me know and I will get it there.  Hopefully if all goes well I shall be taken it to iTunes, so let’s see if I am pull that off.  Thanks again.

itz jixi

Are You Ready For Some Auto Tunes? – Jixi

Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune - Front Cover

Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune - Front Cover

I am Jixi, and I bust a groove in Auto Tune once in a while, then I compile the MADNESS into an album and share it with the world.  You would think I am crazy if you heard the comedic album of mixed raps and singing.  But I would tell you it’s straight GENIUS.  Please believe the uber-epic habits of myself is just an extension of my creativity and looney-ness when not confined by rules, limits and what people have to say about me.  So are you ready for some Auto Tunes?  Well if you are, take a listen to “I’m A Problem” via ReverbNation and “When I Met Her In The Club” the singles off my 1st installment of “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” which I released in 2010.

Oh yea good news, the 2nd installment of the “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” aka “TAOAT 2” is due to be released on [4.11.11 ] so be prepared for the most awesome comedic improv singing and rapping music album of 2011 by Jixi B. and Jixi Fox.

You can download “Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune” for FREE at http://bit.ly/jixi_TAOAT or http://www.jixifox.com

From JA to NYC,
Itz Jixi

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[Making The Album: Behind The Scenes] – Defeating Writer’s Block

Clear (Bomb the Bass album)

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Hey Music Lovers,

I have been writing quite few new works lately, some spoken word, poetry, hip hop and even R&B.  I have been really trying to connect back into the world of music as an artist, than just a passionate fan of others.  I guess we can say I been having a mean case of “writers block“.  I wasn’t allowing myself the freedom to express myself and love for my music and content, as taking things in and not letting things out.  Well I am game for a change, I am dropping a new music starting Monday, (Nov. 1, 2010). No more procrastinating, and selfishness to take in content and not entertaining the people of the world.


Signing out,
itz jixi


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