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Monday Blues

You Make Me Wanna...

You Make Me Wanna... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my GOD it’s monday again, I should call out,
I been dreading about today since friday when I called out,
I just I just need another day, a four-day weekend,
But I only work on Fridays and Mondays, I guess I am broke again.

– Jixi Fox

I wanna be in the light, because you are in th...

I wanna be in the light, because you are in the light. (Photo credit: abocon)

Lazy Boy Run | @jixifox

Stumbling dumpling, just watch how he shakes,
Laziness is killing him, there is no more energy,
He tries to run, but then he falls, he can’t cut a break,
No free delivery service for him, time has flew on pass, that boy is always late.

– Jixi Fox


(Project 365 | PostADay2012 – I vow to post each day a new lyric, phrase, saying or comedicidea for the entire 2012)