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Hidden in a glyph,
Low key missing,
I am not just a myth,
How I move is just swift,
I can’t lose my touch,
I need to get a grip,
I just wish,
I can go on vacation,
Taking trips,
I even have thoughts,
Being rich,
Or staying home,
Playing video games on twitch,
I switched up my style,
I invite eyes to see,
It was already written,
All eyes on me.

Photo by Erick Zajac

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I am the mysterious fox

Sherlock Holmes in "The Boscombe Valley M...

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Sometimes I feel I am a mystery to myself.  There are so many things left to uncover and explore about me, even though sometimes I think I have found them all, but I am just a mystery.  The things I uncover excites me about myself and I push harder and harder to see what more I can shell out of closed hard-core of potentials I have.  I have quite a feast of challenges and goals to accomplish and some I will soon come to figure out I actually want.  I still get comments from friends and associates, that there is just something about me they can put their finger on and actually stick around to see what might be found.  I guess I am not the only one that wants to see where I will go.

Itz Jixi.

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