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Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful mothers in the world. Your value to our world is invaluable and so precious, no words can express what it takes to be a mother.

I definitely love and appreciate my mother and she is like the most precious and best mother in the world. I had so many good laughs with her today. Time is so important, invest the time and show your mother always and everyday you care.

Photo by Amy Shamblen
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer

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I thought I forgot how to write,
Like geez,
Those moments do happen,
Writer’s block,
Like I had something to say,
Then my mind just stopped,
My pen lost ink,
My pencil point broke,
My markers dried up,
And someone stole my crayons,
Like oh nooooo,
Okay the last thing was my kid,
Who colors outside the lines,
Letting her creativity bleed,
On amazing pages,
As I cannot,
Put words to rhyme,
As she tries to share a drink of her sippy cup,
For clearly she has the juice,
And I still have no clue,
What to do,
What to write,
Fighting against my might,
Trying to write,
Just something on a leaf,
A napkin,
A piece of scrap paper,
As my haters,
Are enjoying this moment,
Even though they can’t see me,
I feel lost,
Then I looked in front of me,
And the beauty of words unfolded,
From the struggle not knowing,
These words stringed together,
To form this art piece,
I share with you. 

Screw Dating, Let’s Just Get Married Already

Screw Dating, Let’s Just Get Married Already

lets get married, marriage, husband and wife, love

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Jill says to jack this is wack,
Screw dating, let’s just get married,
Let’s get the pool for the kids,
You can go ahead and spend your money on the wildest kicks,
Even the wildest whips and brag to the homies,
Just let’s be together,
Instead of silly nights being lonely,
Waiting all night,
Hoping you coming to call,
Instead you at the gym with your friends playing ball,
I want to come home to you,
I want to feel your warmth,
I want to give you everything,
Okay, what the hell do you want,
Jack says to Jill,
I think this plan is ill,
I mean it is kind of impulsive,
But we only have one life to live,
So if we don’t try,
How would we fly,
The sky is the limit,
Winter is coming,
I don’t want to be lonely,
I want to wrap up with you inside,
We can cook together,
And give kisses on the cheek,
I belong to you,
And you belong to me,
Of course, you know I am going to be a savage,
I want all of your good good,
I am going to leave these girls alone,
I got a woman who takes cares of the wood,
To help to build the fire,
We going to grow old and build our empire,
Let’s get married today,
Answer quickly,
Before this invite gets expired!


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Follow the Series:   Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7

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Sculpting minds is what I dream for,
To give opportunities never seen before,
To eyes that have not seen before,
To minds not dreamt before,
I unlock doors and fill the emptiness,
Give you answers to your questions,
And meaning to your thoughts,
Grow like wildfire and define your future,
Let you knowledge guide you,
Seek it where you must,
Hone in on its provisions,
Share you world with others,
For a team grows faster than someone alone,
Don’t be afraid or change,
Don’t be afraid to be different,
For the finish line is not here as yet for you,
Because first you must start somewhere,
On your marks, get set, gain knowledge.

If I were a teacher, I think I would feel amazing.  To be placed in the position to educate minds and create possibilities for others especially the younger generation would be a total joy.  I know the process would not be easy, but to see someone learn something they never knew or have joy learning something new just as how I did when I was younger.  I was a sponge of knowledge and craved learning new things and putting them into action as soon as they are learned.  It’s funny to this day I am just the same way.  I would love to be a teacher and I hope to make an opportunity to do just so in the very near future.  I could definitely be an awesome math or computer teacher.  But a life teacher would be the greatest title.

Q: If you were a teacher, what type of teacher would you be?  What what you teach?


It’z Jixi

*Note: These written poetic and lyrics pieces are simply just jokes and comedic word play driven by poetry, free verse and haiku.  So please enjoy for the sake of comedy and a good laugh.

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Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder


English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl

English: Portrait of 1-year-old baby girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I got a soft ass but no rash, thanks to johnson’s,
I smell good after a nice bath, thanks to johnson’s,
I rub that baby powder all over my body, I am ashy now,
The girls love my scent, I am so sweet, I am the mack baby now,


The baby powder I use, is in a pink bottle, classy,
I went my ashy to classy, look at me now, happy,
It’s sappy when other kids don’t have their way,
I come through the playground slapping powder all up in their face.

I am crazy…


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis




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After Birth

After birth I scream and shout,
I let my vocals blow mommy ears out,
I poo I break things, I even nibble on things,
I wait for daddy to make me fly, wings.

But he was never there….

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