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When the pressure turns on,
And the madness sets in,
I sit and think,
How will I escape this…


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Despair - Edvard Munch Gallery - Anxiety Pain

Through despair,
I found himself,
I was lonely once,
But I fought for freedom,
Anger was at my beckoning call,
Friends and family I brawled,
I thought I lost it all,
Until someone opened my eyes,
Though they were filled with tears,
That person was there,
To help me up,
To help me grow,
They build up my soul,
Until I had power,
Power to control,
The outcome of me,
In this society,
Which tried to beat me down,
But I am now grounded,
I am a new man,
I ready to start,
I am ready to begin,
To be me,
The real me,
Once again,
Or for the ever first time.

Have you ever been in despair?

What did you think of this poem?

I hope it touched your soul.

Be sure to share with someone…


Jixi Fox

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Smoke Screen


A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle

A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You thought I was there, but I really wasn’t,
Wasp at your ears, you hear my buzzing,
I am flowing like water down the stream,
I am like a laser I blast off in the dark, beamed.

Jixi Fox

Tracing My Life Through Words

Teardrop on Fire

Teardrop on Fire (Photo credit: tj.blackwell)

how near or far as tears drops from the sky,
a lie I once told, drown my pain away,
as my misery is out on the clothes line to dry,

deep passion non reversible tales,
i could never fail,
another lie,
actually a tale,
tall to the sky,
i am forever brave,

i miss her love,
fantasies I leave within,
my past is now my present,
recycled again and again,

where shall I go,
however long the travel,
the things I have done,
may be the things I will continue,
forever and forever.

i may be a born sinner,
needing of rescue.

Itz Jixi 

Q: What did you think?  Have you created a past the keeps following you?  No matter how far you travel it is just a shadow?

Share your thoughts…

Jixi Fox



cosmic_love_by_aprilzxPermanently crafted in my mind,
I lay ink to my thoughts,
It’s something I will carry with me,
And a piece of art for others to see,
If you believe in what you dream,
You have the power to make it a reality,
Don’t let those memories fade away,
Work at it and upgrade to higher wave length,
A masterpiece is in your mist,
Retrace your steps, your unique form,
And create a legacy of thoughts for others to see.

“We all can dream, but we can’t all make our dreams a reality, so start your journey to make a dream real.”
– Jixi Fox

Itz Jixi

Q: What do you think?  Do you have  a dream you want to make a reality that you can’t escape?




I will not be pressured and put down by you,
I will rise,
I will not stand behind, and oversea,
I will rise,
I will make an impact and limit is never the sky,
I will rise,
I will be the BOMB, explosive everywhere that I have strived,
For greatness.

Itz Jixi

Q: Where do you want to make and impact the most?

Jixi Fox


Cosmic Love 6

Doom by the trial & errors and dramatic episodes,
Every time we are together we tend to explode,
You get on my nerves day after day, time after time,
But still I can’t get you off of my mind

I try to be cool, I try to be calm,
I love you so much, but that needs to be gone,
Every time I say it I mean it, it fuels your fire,
You accuse my of everything, calling my a liar,

I am tired of the yelling, I am tired of mayhem,
I done with the love, I shall never love you again.


Itz Jixi

Q: Do you have someone in your life that’s just driving you up the wall?

Let me know your thoughts.

Jixi Fox