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I am so real estate,
I own property,
I live in penthouse suites,
Because I don’t want anyone on top of me,
My residents are evil,
Because most of them are stars,
They got me wilding each day,
I have to spit these 16 bars,
I drive in fast cars,
But then I end up crashing,
Trying to leave the city of raccoon,
You definitely will see me dashing,
I am hashing it out with the nemesis,
I don’t know when I am going,
To see the end of this,
So I am penning this,
Just get the typewriter to finish my sentences,
I need to cure myself with herbs,
The zombies are chasing my tale,
Mutation got them looking,
Broken down and pale,
I tell ‘em to eat kale,
So they can be healthy,
The army and scientists selling dna to get wealthy,
Or it could be just for war,
I know I have to run away,
If another undead thing chase me down,
I have a RPG coming their way. POW 💥🤯

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