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Smoke Screen


A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle

A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You thought I was there, but I really wasn’t,
Wasp at your ears, you hear my buzzing,
I am flowing like water down the stream,
I am like a laser I blast off in the dark, beamed.

Jixi Fox

Tracing My Life Through Words

Teardrop on Fire

Teardrop on Fire (Photo credit: tj.blackwell)

how near or far as tears drops from the sky,
a lie I once told, drown my pain away,
as my misery is out on the clothes line to dry,

deep passion non reversible tales,
i could never fail,
another lie,
actually a tale,
tall to the sky,
i am forever brave,

i miss her love,
fantasies I leave within,
my past is now my present,
recycled again and again,

where shall I go,
however long the travel,
the things I have done,
may be the things I will continue,
forever and forever.

i may be a born sinner,
needing of rescue.

Itz Jixi 

Q: What did you think?  Have you created a past the keeps following you?  No matter how far you travel it is just a shadow?

Share your thoughts…

Jixi Fox