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Broken bones don’t phase me,
Actually it’s amazing,
Doing kick flips and ollies,
Mom always said,
You will be sorry,
So all I do is kick push,
My life is always on the line,
But there is a hook,
Greatness don’t come without risks,
So I entered the X Games,
Now my status in life is legit,
More people are now in my circle,
I am playing in half pipes and bowls,
I even do jumps and grabs over hurdles,
I must have the coolest decks,
So I trick them out,
I do grinds all the time,
I can’t do without,
Every thing I do is SICK,
I think I need a doctor,
I aint no created player,
I am the original not an imposter,
I blow minds with my 900 spins,
When I done with my run,
All I hear is cheers,
So I smile and grin.

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