Sometimes I think I am too Ambitious

I think people believe I am kind of cocky and full of myself via that I am always on the move to make a effect on something.  I can’t help that I have a drive to learn and experiment and just put out something in the ever so big but small world that we live in.  I am deem this year, PRODUCTION YEAR….upon completion of this year I want to have a wall of milestone to reflect on…This year is more IMPORTANT TO ME THAN ANY OTHER YEAR….  This the last year, I believe I will have the opportunity to be released and have the freedom to create and do the things I would like to do..

My Major-Goals of the YEAR..

1. Produce my own Independent Music Album

2. Write and Produce my own Independent Book

Too very hard form of production to work on and best yet make them successful…..   more to come