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It’s a new day, do something new today. So here we go, think of two things you need to say to yourself today. Let it be a real message you that will be

Take More Risks NOW!

I am looking to change roles and move on in my life, but I am playing things too safe. Upon do something different, you must do something different. Take a risk and make the leap.

“Be The Person You Know Inside, and Push It Out.”

People tends to like or dislike you for a reason. Does the reason matter no, but is the answer real and truthful? It could be just that, listen to the world, the words, the people, and be yourself all the time. If the person inside is the same on the out, let it be know, own the moment. Stop fighting who you are and embrace it, more and more.

Photo by Aaron Burden

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Hi August,
You are here,
Summer is almost over,
But don’t you fear,
We are going to have some fun,
Before the summer disappear,
If you hear this message,
Put two hands in the air.

Well hi friends and peeps of the blog, it’s a new month and I am refreshed in my journey to write more creatively. I hope you are open and ready. I have simple BIG announcements, and funs interactive moments to share with you. So let’s start off by listing 2 things to look for and aim for in August.

  1. I will be releasing a NEW PROJECT to the world this month…. Date is PENDING at the moment.
  2. I will be opening back up my YOUTUBE channel with fun comedic jabs and humor for good laughs.

I hope you receive them well, and I also will be celebrating you and your creative works as well.

So in the most creepy voice, I will find you and appreciate the heck out of you.

See you soon.

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Do you see me,
The one not so close,
The one that’s not exposed,
Don’t expose me,
I am trying to stay hidden,
But I can’t stop waving at you,
As if I want you to come and play,
But do I really want to?
I don’t think so,
I wish my face match my hands,
But I can’t,
So I stay,
In the corner,

Photo by Keenan Constance 

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