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It ain’t funny when I am running for the money,
Watch me pull up,
Hands crossed,
Feet planted,
Exploded off the floor,
I give away the ha ha’s,
You know my style,
Make you laugh until your belly drop,
That’s my way to say hi,
So if you try to play,
I got those memes for days,
Release them in a series,
You won’t want to mess with me,
For weeks or days,
Going through a phase of woes,
So watch out,
I am creeping through window sills and doors,
Mostly through the internet.

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By: IG/FB @Jixifox 

*Note:  This is a series for bloggers, poets, writers, music artist to contribute as a whole and as a community each week.  Simply submit a verse/poem/prose/haiku under 100 words to be featured in the series #JixiOpenMicMonday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…Also you can DM me @jixifox on my social networks.  Only one entry per week, and I pick the best who follows the guidelines.

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I don’t see why I cry out loud at times,
Maybe I am just trying to trick my mind,
To think,
Maybe I will change,
No, not maybe,
I will change,
But still do the same things,
Pointless I know,
Do I want to be the same or grow?
Do I want to be known?
Or do the same old things I have done before,
Maybe I am crazy,
Or maybe I am just lazy,
Why do I say the things I say?
Maybe I want for things to change,
I think too much at times,
I need to do what I say,
And make use of time,
To change.

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Words Exist Instead of Tears


I can’t hold the pain in,
I write down my feelings,
I don’t need to go crazy,
I just got to express myself as amazing,
We all have stories,
We all have ups and downs,
I use to cry to sleep,
Now my tears on written down,
On paper,
For my peers,
For my friends,
And my fears,
I am stronger with a pen,
I am more through my words,
To help other’s feel free again.
Be Free…

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Running Nowhere Fast


Have you ever felt like you been running a long time,
So long, time has no metrics,
You just have been going,
And going,
But no new heights you have reached,
It’s like a verbal contract with yourself just got breached,
You look at time and say,
What have I done since the last time,
The last time I said,
This is the last time,
I can’t measure the success but I am still here,
The same place I last left,
No distance obtained,
Just my eye sight on new routes,
I keep looking at the signs,
But now I am tired,
My feet have no energy to move.

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The Faces I Wear


Deep inside I am more,
I have many emotions I explore,
But how many people know me?
The list is shorter 4 fingers on 1 hand,
It’s hard to say even if that’s real,
Or it’s just a fake fan,
So everyday I wake,
I switch faces,
To suit my day,
And all those random cases,
In life we face,
There is no common base,
But to ready to change,

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My Words Are Like Kisses

words like kisses

Charming I am, I know,
You see my glow,
Smiling at you from a far,
That’s how the story goes,
It’s nice and innocent,
You really like that,
You flirt with me, fact,
I flirt right back,
I say a few words to introduce myself,
Even though you know me,
Something deep down inside you screams,
This could be a moment,
Let the words serenade your mind,
She wants to let me in,
To fill her up with what I have to give.

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Don’t Forsake Me

dont forsake me

I was left out to dry before,
But I am not a dog,
I use to cry out for help,
They slapped away my paw,
I saw my life change,
Everything has been destroyed,
I am running for my life to survive,
Feeling like a child,
Looking for a pool to just dive,
In my surprise,
I found you out of the blue,
And I decided,
Please don’t forget about me,
Or I will just cry,
As I way my good-byes.

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Wearing My Abilities As Tattoos

Wearing My Abilities As Tattoos

Tattoo Art

Read my skin,
See my ink,
I am unique,
I am art form,

Art is my home,
Never am I alone,
My abilities create inspiration,
I share my art with the world.

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