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part one / part two

Now it’s acceptable to walk in the bank with masks on,
Has the world spared me of felonies,
The future is going forward,
Everything else is passed on,
Who lies behind the cloth?
Is it you?
How long have you wanted to be hiding from the truth?
Being able to say empty the register
Use to get you in trub,
Now people closing accounts for toilet paper,
Saying that’s a dub,
Miss being in club throwing dollars,
Now at home now you got to be a father,
Who are you underneath the cloth?
Are you hard as you say?
Or you are charmin soft?
The world change,
People change,
People go insane,
If you can hold a photo of you in your pocket,
Could you still see yourself,
After the difficulties and pain?

I wrote the poem to enhance it’s changing times. Even though I chose a storyline to go with, the message is the same. Are the different person after things change around you? Were these things you held so dearly? When you look at life now, do you see the picture now more clearly?

I have always seen difficult times, so I had to adopt. But the memories of my past, will not be forgotten. Every moment crafted me into the human standing today, writing poetry and stories to help people open their eyes and minds to think. Be the self you always wanted to be…you are a story in progress, developed over time, until you have said what you wanted to be said, and get everything off your mind.

Leave a comment of a time you really wanted to change, but never had the opportunity and how you felt in those times.

Photo by Pavel Anoshin 

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Some days you wake up and say to self, “self, why do you do this?” and of course in the same breathe you answer, “ummm, because I want to, I like to, and I am going to do it”. Now that may be a satisfying answer, but I can say I do it for others as much as I do it for myself.

Writing Being An Escape

Writing has been an escape for me for most of my life. I truly stubbled upon it but ultimately can’t see myself not writing anyone. You can say I rather write than talk, via my writing is very description, simple, straight to the point and also expressive enough to be visualized. I am also guessing, is that why I direct videos as well?

Sometimes the words just take me to a place, as if I am meditating. Just seeing my words written down, being out of my head, something I am share and engage and interact with, with others is just amazing to me.

Where Do I Want To Take My Writing?

I have always told myself I am going to write a book, and then multiple books. I have done so, I just haven’t found the form for me as yet. But it’s better to try and fail trying to get it right than delaying to even reach to the goal at all.

I do see my writing being in museums, captions to photographs, scripts to tv series and comedic anecdotes, as I think those are best fitting for me. Also it tells the stories so well of who I am and what I can offer. I hope so dearly to do so soon and again see my words floating day by day in the world to play with.

If you feel the same way as myself, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.
We also can chat on Instagram as well. 🙂 instagram.com/jixifox

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I came back right on time…I could I have missed my own anniversary? Wow, so many years have passed, really wonderful years. I have created so many series, and met so many people, but still the journey continues. I am reached heights, I didn’t even see coming. I have piloted my blog to close to 600,000 views (I call them smiley faces) for I want to bring smiles and share love to everyone I encounter and tell everyone to keep pushing toward whatever they love to do.


Big toast, to 12 years…Thank you WordPress…It’s be amazing, and we still have places to go.

Thanks to anyone who ever viewed, dropped a like or just a kind friend who came over to my space. #community.

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