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Hi February

Hi February, where the love is just starting. I am so happy you are here, let’s make people smile this month and how about a vacation? I need one so badly.

Any cool plans for February?

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You have notably held my heart,
Not too far apart,
As I have fallen in love with you,
Years ago,
When the world was so cold,
You took me in,
Spoke to me,
And my misery fell to the floor like leaves,
You were steady in place for me like roots,
And for that,
I will forever fall in love with you.

Hi, friends of my blog/site and passer-bys, It’s October and let’s celebrate and welcome in a new month.  The Fall/Autumn season has arrived and I am equipped to write some spicy cool poetry & stories for you this month.  The Fall season is my favorite season of the year for the reasons that I love the chill cool weather, warm cocoa & tea, fallen leaves photographs and the fall fashion and art.  I can just burst out in excitement and jump around the house just thinking about the ideas that will soon come to my ever so creative mind.  I welcome you all.  Be sure to reply to in the comments, with what you are looking forward to or hate about the fall/autumn season… Just please don’t mention snow, lol.  We are not looking to get jinxed.

I have just created a new wave of series for my site that I am excited about.  Every month I will welcome the new month with a Hello, and reflect on it’s memories with an exit post of Goodbye (but never forgotten).  I think it’s a great way for me to track the healthy things and experiences I have had throughout the months and upcoming years.  I may not be able to write about every single happen-ings daily on my site via, I am quite an active young guy 🙂 but I do regularly update my activities via Instagram (join my Instagrammies Stories), Facebook (please follow me), Snapchat and of course Twitter (for the latest up to date releases of everything).  I will also be vlogging life again on my YouTube channels (youtube.com/jixifox) and (youtube.com/jixifoxtv).  I am pretty much on every social media, so feel free to say hi and stalk if you like… Just please introduce yourself first, and I will ready to chime in with smiles, jokes and fun conversations.

Let me know what you think of the new setup…

What’s your plans for October?

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016: Jixi Fox

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Twitter: @jixifox
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happy new year


Here we go again my friend,
Let’s get them resolutions popping,
No more flopping,
Matter of fact,
Let’s stop with the plotting,
Just run wild in with extremities,
And learn more life lessons,
So you can transfer your experiences,
Into the path of someone else’s vision,
And show them what not to do,
Soon you will see who is the true you,
While slowing down with the antics,
And plan things, execute and win,
A smile on the face,
And not fall from an uppercut from right under your chin.

Happy New Year to all… It’s exciting to say we have reached here again, let’s make some memorable experiences.  What is just one thing you would like to get done or do this year?

Jixi Fox