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It’s a new day, do something new today. So here we go, think of two things you need to say to yourself today. Let it be a real message you that will be

Take More Risks NOW!

I am looking to change roles and move on in my life, but I am playing things too safe. Upon do something different, you must do something different. Take a risk and make the leap.

“Be The Person You Know Inside, and Push It Out.”

People tends to like or dislike you for a reason. Does the reason matter no, but is the answer real and truthful? It could be just that, listen to the world, the words, the people, and be yourself all the time. If the person inside is the same on the out, let it be know, own the moment. Stop fighting who you are and embrace it, more and more.

Photo by Aaron Burden

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Nobody knows the struggle,
The hustle,
The growth,
Always stepping on toes,
Wont let me go,
I tried,
I cried,
I testified,
But you lied,
Saying you never knew,
You just never did nothing,
So things tend to stay the same,
I wish there was a change,
But people will never,
Know your pain,
So again,
Nobody knows,
Until you speak up,
And someone listens,
And do something about it.

Photo by Jonathan Rados

Jixi Fox


As I wake up today, it’s a new day, a new challenge, a new year. 2021 is here and life will be on the same train track, and the focus needs to be more engaged. Lean in, fuel the passion. Use the tools, you have had sleepless nights to obtain to grow.

Mentally and physically I plan to recreate my world and explore new limits and heights. When I workout I feel more and open to create. Whether is going on long walks, or running on the treadmill, it’s like clockwork, my mind goes off to a place of thoughts and wanting to jot down every single things. Ideas pop, visions are seen in front of me instead of the people or other machine or the speed I am going.

Freedom tends to be reached once I am in the mode to go.

How are you feeling today?

Lean in,
Fuel the passion,
Use the tools,
To create action,
Make traction,
That builds a faction,
If you can breathe,
You can do it.


Thanks for reading.
Jixi Fox