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White Fox | Photo

In every way,
I want you to believe,
You are enough,
To reach,
What you want to achieve.

You are enough; you just need a little work to boost your spirits.

Photo by Jonatan Pie

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Move How You Want To

We all have some things we are trying to do. We just got to move to ge them. Here are a few things that may help us:

  1. Vision
  2. Motivation
  3. Planning
  4. Belief / Faith
  5. Actions
  6. Accountability
  7. Willing to face failure
  8. Find solutions for obstacles.
  9. Discipline
  10. Appreciation

Go and do something you want, if you really want it.

Photo by Rick Rothenberg

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Cycling Through Life

Cycling through life,
Trying to find where to go,
Who to know,
Paths to take,
Money to make,
For cash rules everything,
And greed,
How can we stop ourselves,
From what we need,
We believe in the greater good,
Unless we pessimistic,
Our true values,
Seems misrepresented,
So we vent it,
Through comments and memes,
You think you ripe,
You never evolved,
You are green,
Meaning to things matter,
And you matter more than all,
So lead yourself to where you want to,
Do it for you,
Don’t follow ours directions,
In a wall.


Photo by Dmitrii Vaccinium

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

My Goals for October

I have been working very hard in the background to be more productive, happier, and healthier. With that comes, creating new routines and breaking old and bad habits. In life with sometimes find sweet spots and pocket of space to live in, that doesn’t take away or add value, but we stay put in there. We are not the next person, I tell this to my clients a lot, but we should want to create a new or dynamic life to really say we lived than just said we existed, or we maintain the basics.


Ever since I was a child, I wanted to break cycles. I want to achieve what my family never have, but I will do it my way. So in order to understand how, when, and why, I must know myself. And that I do know very well. I know for a facts I love a challenge, and a break through, I just sometimes look back and say, wow, you are going crazy insane for that goal. As you are putting your mind, body, relationships, and more through new mental stress, actions, accountability, and growth. It’s not easy to achieve all you want and more but, we, well at least I try.


So here are my goals. I will create a video for the 8th of October -> HERE to explain the goals and what they mean in audio terms.

Goals For October

  • Become a Level 6 reviewer in New York City.
  • Go on (2 – 3) Mental Chill Walks Per Week.
  • Post (4) Reels Every Week on My Instagram. (so in total 16 for the month).
  • Create (1) Audio Ditation Chat and post on YouTube.
  • Create (5) New Posts Canva.
  • Complete (4 – 5) Reviews per week.
  • Read (1) Book for the Month. (The goal is to read 3-4 books by the end of the year 2023)
  • Post (1) Video Weekly on my Youtube Channel.
  • Post (2) Pins on My Pinterest Board every week.
  • Go to the gym 4 days a Week.

Let me know your thoughts? Am I crazy?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Don’t Quit Because You Are Tired

Don’t quit because you are tired.
Quit because it ain’t for you.

written by Jixi Fox

Life is never easy. You will be tested. Are you invested in you? How can you make it through? At what point is the break through? One thing is certain: you call the shots, and you should know you more than anyone else, so believe in that and keep that statement true. Invest in yourself, better yourself, and your decision will correlate with your best interests.

There are so many moments when I battle myself and see others do the same. I see the pain. I see they want better, them wanting success, and them wanting peace. But the fight is hard, and we sometimes give ourselves the biggest push of motivation and ask, Who is fighting for me?

If the answer isn’t so clear, it’s me. So If no one will, I must still fight for me.

Photo by Brock Wegner

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Never Want To Lose Out

Trying badly,
Losing my head,
Never wanting to feel,
Like I am losing out,
I hope to never lose you,
Hold on.

Photo by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

It’s True What They Said

It’s true when they said,
You will have to let go,
Learn how to say no,
Yourself is someone you must know,
Each experience will help you grow,
And absolutely,
If you don’t know,
Now you know.

Be great today. 🙂

Photo by Daniel Lee

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox