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All I ask of you,
Is to be you,
Be as beautifully,
As you could,
For I want to open up,
See you enter through,
My doors,
I choose,
Creating moments,
We will never forget,
Dispose of moments,
That we will always regret,
It’s true,
It’s you,
That changed me,
Giving me the ability,
To not run or flee,
But to me,
Around you,
Making us,
Is all I ask.

Photo by Richard Balog

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You see it happening,
But you can’t change the outcome,
When the waves come crashing,
It’s hard to not imagine,
That something bad is about to go down,
I mean you can change point of views,
You just can’t escape your body,
When the damage is done,
We offer words up,
Like sorry,
Sorry, you are going through that ordeal,
Sorry for the pain you went through,
I know that is was real,
Sorry for everything,
I can’t imagine how you feel,

Bad mother fudger,
I feel bad,
The worse has become present,
It’s not even the past,
For the past still hurts,
So what to do when you see someone crashing?
Do you try to help?
Or even save?
Do you watch head on?
Or do you look away?

Photo by Rob Potter

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I have had a big problem writing lately.  I am not sure, or can’t unlock the setting in my core to push out these ideas and concepts locked in my mind.  Have you been that way lately?  There is a lot of distractions that has consumed me, career growth, and life changes.  It’s been a big challenge for me this year.  But once in a while, I can pull off these gem pieces.  But I won’t give up, I am coming for what I once had and aiming for better.

As a writer, what have your change around or inspiration to continue come from?

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meme - this is how dudes feel when they say I love you over the phone

Where did the love go?
I didn’t invite hate,
But yet, it has made its way inside,
Should have left that ish at the gate,
Wipe your feet,
My floors need to stay neat,
Acting wild crazy,
Like it’s our first meet,
Better watch your step,
Better guard your chest,
For in a second,
With your hating ass,
You about to commit the biggest disrespect,
And in the end,
There is only death.

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