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As I wake up today, it’s a new day, a new challenge, a new year. 2021 is here and life will be on the same train track, and the focus needs to be more engaged. Lean in, fuel the passion. Use the tools, you have had sleepless nights to obtain to grow.

Mentally and physically I plan to recreate my world and explore new limits and heights. When I workout I feel more and open to create. Whether is going on long walks, or running on the treadmill, it’s like clockwork, my mind goes off to a place of thoughts and wanting to jot down every single things. Ideas pop, visions are seen in front of me instead of the people or other machine or the speed I am going.

Freedom tends to be reached once I am in the mode to go.

How are you feeling today?

Lean in,
Fuel the passion,
Use the tools,
To create action,
Make traction,
That builds a faction,
If you can breathe,
You can do it.


Thanks for reading.
Jixi Fox


No more desires,
Can’t be excited,
Can’t even hide it,
It’s painful,
Why do I have to be this way,
Walking on egg shells,
Every single day,
Do you want to walk in my shoes?
Well go for it,
For I got none,
Walking in pain,
Until my legs get numb,
I am just looking for a change,
To end this chapter,
Turn to another page.

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Thanks for reading
Jixi Fox

love poems – guilty pleasures

it feels so good,
but tastes better,
these are,
my guilty pleasures,

i like it in dark,
i lick my lips,
my thirst is never quenched,
i want it.

i hide my desires,
i so no one knows,
i am behind the door,
but it’s not closed,

you won’t ever know,
unless i reveal my secrets,
i want it so bad,
i need it.

if i can have it everyday,
i would,
i would lose my mind in it,
if i could,
i am on high,
for the things i am craving,
i could be good,
but i want to be bad,
i just love misbehaving.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

love poems – a love story is a series of love poems written to capture the art of love and all the beauty and chaos that comes with it. follow the story…”

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Thanks for reading,
jixi fox

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