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I am what you call a serial note taker. Ha ha, if you don’t believe peep my phone and laptop, they sync, all day and all night. As soon as a dope thought and idea come to mind, I am off to the races. I cannot be stopped.

Does this happen to you? (share in the comments below)

I am so what a micro tech guru, I use so much technology to get my ideas out and get my creative juices flowing that I can’t escape a good thing. As soon as I start a new notepad or leaf in my notes, and start joint down some ideas, thoughts and a plan, then another brew up. To try to catch the high and new jumping idea, I jump right into a new leaf/note. The mountain of ideas start building up.


This is when the madness continues. You have so much solid and creative ideas you don’t know where to start and get one off the pages. When so much options pop in front of you, you can become excited, but easily overwhelming, as you want to do all at once. (HELP ME!!!)


How I reel myself back in. Is choose one and go forward. Stop my mind from thinking too much and being picky. In life we have yo be better decision makers. We will win some, and lose some, but opportunity will always be there to learn and grow. One idea don’t kill your entire world. Planning and getting feedback back from close friends or colleagues in your community, will save you time and sanity. 🙂


Well, be amazing and create. 🙂 Be a member of the community and know you are a human and we all have emotions and things we love and don’t but we must not give up. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take notes, plan, execute, learn and do more of what you love. For me it’s writing and take notes, get’s my smile bigger everyday.

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Hi, it’s Jixi…as changes are happening to the blog, I want to update everyone on what’s happening. I hate posts saying things like under construction, so that’s not happening. It’s going to more like me saying, hey are you ready for the next fun moments and experience? Well if the answer is yes or no, the result is still the same. I am creating a better experience on my blog, which is focused on search and fun snack-able / bite-sized content. Among these short form content, there will be some really great long form articles in which will be weekly, rather than how it was represented before.
Check out below for what’s coming…


I am adding a few new cool items to snack on while on my blog. I surely do hope you like and you will really see how interactive and different they will be. On every 10th of the month, there will be New Announcements as we soon will be relaunching our curated monthly newsletter…I know people have busy lives, so I want everything I do to be easy to take in and enjoy.


Jixi Reviews…
“a series of post reviewing the world of creativity, writing, art, poetry and blogs.”

Poetry Tuesday…
“was a staple on my blog in the early days and shall be returning like a premiere show and also a youtube/igtv series, stay tuned”

Spoken Word Thursday…
“also was staple on the blog in the early days, and coming back more interaction and dynamic than before. you won’t be disappointed.”


My blog will have a more simpler, minimalist look, but cute, but fun, and oh so adorable. If you don’t like cute and colors, then the blog might upset you a bit, in which we really don’t wouldn’t want. 🙂 I want happy people and if you are having a bad day or need something to spark some fire of creativity, it’s there for you.

The new look I am adapting will be more of a Japanese theme, and cool characters like in anime and emojis. If you look above you shall see my bitemoji pop up quite a lot, until I have my tiny characters come to life.


As I am trying to shell out and create these new additions there are so much more coming. But let me not bite off more than I can chew (get it?) lol. *it’s suppose to be bite-sized and snack-able, not too much that you can’t handle. 🙂 why did i just explain that. geez. smh. 🙂

New Series Alert

It’s about to get juicy….

Confessions To My Ex-Girlfriends
“letters of confessions, need I say anymore”

“in real life, things happen, life happens and so much more…”

Love Poems
“love is addictive, and adored…spread love and happiness”

Leaked & Exposed
“life is never the same after this…”

That’s all folks I dropped a bag load of new works on you, and it will a few surprises that comes with them… and they all begin this week. 🙂

Thank you for rocking with me and I hope I make you proud and smile…

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Started out late,
Out the gate for the show,
Crazy as it seems,
You already know,
I am tired of this shit,
Creating these goals,
Who the hell came up with this,
Don’t point fingers when you already know,
You made it,
Stick to the script,
Get a grip,
Can’t flip reality,
You can always trip,
Not always ready,
Come prepared,
If you deaf,
Clean out your ears to hear,
For once you are in,
You got to take a few blows,
Puzzle pieces scattered everywhere,
What does it take for you to solve,
Except get involved,
There is nowhere to run,
And no time for sleep,
If you miss a beat,
Simply start over,
Oh yeah,

This poem is just the voice going on in your head when you commit to something and you start feeling the pressure. New eating habits, working out, no spending money, writing blog poetry posts daily when you just want to roll over and sleep. It’s frustrating, but sometimes to fumble along the way until you get it going and see the results later from trying over and over again.

Thanks for tuning into this series, “Peeping Through The Window” where we are looking outside at ourselves from the inside. We are through the motions of disbelief, frantic, and confusion. It is at certain moments we see relief and acceptance and figure out what’s our next play. What will be the next move to do after seeing what has been going on.

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