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I TEAR #Unfinishstories

I tear,
I cry,
From missing you,
Can’t help the emotion,
Losing sanity,
Wanting to fight my way,
Back into your arms,
Even if it is to be hurt again,
I pen my love,
Future and past tense,
I cry for you,
I miss you,
I can’t forget,
I don’t want to,
It is everything,
Not just the good,
But everything,
And how I felt,
Being with you,

Tear: pull or rip (something) apart or to pieces with force.


Photo by Claudia Wolff

Thanks for reading,
Jixi Fox

Quotes & Captions

Quotes & Captions

People hide from themselves daily,
Believing they fooled the world,
Taking from people who have nothing,
Believing those people have the world,
To only find out,
We all have a battle we are fighting,
Just that some of it you can’t see,
Until you step in my shoes,
Trust me you don’t want to be me.