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Take me out,

Show me places,

I want to see faces,

I want to try new tastes,

On any occasion,

I want to just go,

Just let it all flow,

If get lost somehow along the lines,

I will let you know.



Where to go from here,
This path leads to many locations,
I need a light to help me,
A bright one,
Through this saturation,
I just have wishes to guide me,
And a little bit of luck,
I hope no one blows out my candle but me,
So I won’t end up stuck.

This poem is just a feeling of guidance and trying to find the right path. We sometimes have these hopes and wishes of good things happening and fear someone coming in and ruining it. You just trying to cut through the fat and the overcrowding of places and be you at the end of everything holding your candle shining bright.

Thanks for tuning into this series, “Peeping Through The Window” where we are looking outside at ourselves from the inside. We are through the motions of disbelief, frantic, and confusion. It is at certain moments we see relief and acceptance and figure out what’s our next play. What will be the next move to do after seeing what has been going on.

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Photo by Ben Koorengevel 

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I am here,
Standing alone,
Who knows,
Where I will go,
Change my pace,
Get out my face,
Spray on,
I am gone,
Just in case,
You didn’t see.

Thanks for reading…
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