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It’s truly been an epic week for me. I am beyond excited for the soon to come updates in my life and my blog. I have created a Note To SelfSeries” on my website to share the thoughts I have with myself, out in public. They serve as a reminder and diary/journal entry as my blog is where I spend so much of my time. I am engineering to build out a home anyone can come by and look in and grab a seat.

We all have thoughts, most of those thoughts we have we don’t say aloud.
Until we do, no one really knows what you are talking about or thinking. But sometimes these words must be said, as people may also share the same thoughts and opinions, and would love to start a conversation with you about said topic. Also everyone writing style is so different.

I am the rival of creativity, and unprocessed thoughts, and actioning thinking out the unknown, to find answers that exist and doesn’t exist.

Trust, I will make sure this series is of value.

I would dare not waste and fill my site and your ears with fluff. 🙂



I dialed in,
I got time,
Missed you,
I been moving around,
You call,
I call,
Time spent,

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR


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Deep Thoughts And Reflections

Who is truly my family?
Do they believe in my values?

Photo by pawel szvmanski

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