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My Ask, Sleep

I am all over the place lately. I feel most excited at nights to know that the quality of sleep I am receiving is amazing. I have such appreciative feel for the recharge aspect in my life. I have been spending a lot more time trying to be hyper focused and feeling fully engaged in moments in my life. It’s such a value to recharge yourself.

Are you sleeping well lately?

Jixi Fox


Well yup, the numbers sound just about right, Happy 16th Year Blog Anniversary. The Jixi Fox blog was born in October 2007, just a few months before my debut music/poetry album independently made Kreative Expressions. In these beginning years, it was a proud moment and the internet was evolving. So many services to choose from but I choose code, “Code is Poetry” for I write poetry and life in my words. I wrote deep and short pieces that related with others and help build this strong community we have now on WordPress.

From the (4) WordPress Word Camps I have attended & hosted and more to come, I knew my writing career and expressive creative writing was here to stay. From the depths of college years back then when no really knew what blogging and seo was, I was there, guiding, commenting, promoting, laughing and enjoying words of others.

As much as this is a celebration for me, for I will honor every year, it’s a celebration to all the writers, bloggers, creatives, to keep pushing. Keep creating and connecting.


I started to celebrate a lot more of me these special moments and milestones starting 2021. I was always told, I just kept going and never take a time to look back and see where I have come from.

Thanks to anyone who ever viewed, dropped a like or just a kind friend who came over to my home. .

Photo by Markus Winkler
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler

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Enjoy new poetry posts.

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Jixi Fox / @jixifox

An Episode of Cool | Character

I love this photograph. The personality and style is great. I do of course like the color pop out, so you have something that brings your eyes to the center. There are many elements in this photograph, sneakers, colors, and element of just cool.

This photograph is great. I looks like a scene from a movie. It reminds me of photos I love to shoot. I love a creative edge and photo with something happening and we can add a great caption.

These photos were some inspiration for me for the weekend. They served as a reminder to be yourself, and enjoy the process.

Thanks tuning to another Photography Review. 🙂

Photo by Dima DallAcqua
Photo by Karsten Winegeart

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Move How You Want To

We all have some things we are trying to do. We just got to move to ge them. Here are a few things that may help us:

  1. Vision
  2. Motivation
  3. Planning
  4. Belief / Faith
  5. Actions
  6. Accountability
  7. Willing to face failure
  8. Find solutions for obstacles.
  9. Discipline
  10. Appreciation

Go and do something you want, if you really want it.

Photo by Rick Rothenberg

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Never Want To Lose Out

Trying badly,
Losing my head,
Never wanting to feel,
Like I am losing out,
I hope to never lose you,
Hold on.

Photo by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

It’s True What They Said

It’s true when they said,
You will have to let go,
Learn how to say no,
Yourself is someone you must know,
Each experience will help you grow,
And absolutely,
If you don’t know,
Now you know.

Be great today. 🙂

Photo by Daniel Lee

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Aim To Please

We can’t win at everything,
We can’t please everyone,
But ourselves,
Life can have challenges,
But find ways to level the playing field,
Join communities,
Of like minded and smarter folks,
And cross your fingers,
Never give up hope,
That you can win,
Or at least be over the 90 percentile,
For all wins look different to the individual,
Define your win,
Strive for your win,

Be Sharper At Being You, Than Someone Else…
Know oneself.

Photo by Thomas Kinto

Thanks for reading,

Itz Jixi | @jixifox