Steadily pacing,
No racing,
No hasting,
I am basing,
All my efforts and goals,
To compete with my flow,
Aiming and got hope,
Just in case I don’t got dough,
I am much more than a number or stat,
I am gunning for the cheese,
But I am not a rat,
On flats I run,
Even though I want to hop,
Each fly sneakers I want,
So of course I have to cop,
I am drop in,
I am looking a wife,
To be with me alright,
All night we lock in,
Watching reality tv,
Nothing of our emotions blocked in,
We express we digest,
We never stress,
We invest into each other,
I greet every week with a new flower,
The hour is right,
I might score tonight,
I am playing soccer,
Videogames lit,
Hands on the gamepad joystick,
Winning away,
Imagining me drifting away,
To a new stay,
New country, new town,
Always with a smile,
No frown,
Enjoying the escape,
Took about 1,000 pictures today,
Memories created,
I am so much to reflect,
Went back home,
Work my ass off,
Give me my check….

Photo by Chelsea Gates

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