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I am not here to masquerade with lames and do what you do,
I am the best in the world at doing what I do,
All black hoodie on, I am all over the streets,
The only brand I am rocking is, called ONLY ME,
No tags on, I don’t wear logos,
When its late outside, I am just trying to duck po po,
Lights on can’t I D my face,
I cover eyes not with my hands but with that mace,
The only court I am showing up for is for hooping,
I am the director but no burners on me,
I am not here for the shooting,
Don’t fear me cuz I got the hoodie on,
I am not here for the looting,
I am solid state instant play,
Not pressing play, video games waiting on the booting,
I have protection in the console,
Ready for any drive bys,
I got Beats by Jixi bumping,
In every hood when I drive by,
My hoodie game flawless,
Just like my victories,
When you think you seen me,
You didn’t see me,
Now my existence is a mystery,
Just know when I pop out,
My feets got your eyes to the ground,
I am ten toes,
When I say it’s all mines,
I am talking about every city and every town.
[written by Jixi Fox]

Follow the Series:   Ep. 1 |

Hoodie Season (the series), is a new cool series for the fall season. I am excited to add this dynamic poetic and rhyme series to catch the essentials of the autumn/fall season, my favorite season on the year. This series will have a few couple special guests, touch on topics based on girlfriend/boyfriend actions, cuffin season, a new york city sort of vibe of what that fall season means to us. Last and not least the series features style, fashion, and photography from the autumn/fall season. Bonus content will be added to my Instagram, Facebook & YouTube such as reels, stories, music & shorts.


Listen to the Hoodie Season
Soundtrack/Playlist + Featured Video

A Boogie With Da Hoodie – Look Back At It
J. Cole – Heaven’s EP
Jixi Fox – The Edge
Bas – My Nigga Just Made Bail (ft. J. Cole)
Nipsey Hussle – Double Up (Ft. Belly & Dom Kennedy)

Hoodie Season Memes & Funnies


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Missing you daily,
Lately time flies,
I try to say hi,
But soon it’s good bye,
I think of ways we can connect,
A methods we can adopt,
Even though it doesn’t work out,
I won’t ever stop.

Thinking about her, keeps on running through my mind. But we don’t get to connect, because we are always running out of time. She knows my heart is for her, and I know her heart is mine, we just need to hold on to this love, for life can get better in due time.

Photo by Dollar Gill

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Jixi Fox @jixifox