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Blanket empty,
Covers only covering me,
Body so cold,
No one is right beside me,
Pillow filled with thoughts,
Tears soaked in the fabric,
Missing someone to mind to,
Wishing someone was by me,
Tomorrow comes and go,
That happens too often,
Memories tends to grow,
But they seem all to familiar,
Deja vu of a lonesome soul,
Always a constant reminder,
Instagram pages I scroll through,
It’s almost like I am just watching previews.

Photo by Anthony Tran 

Thanks for reading
Jixi Fox


I woke up today,
Hardly any words,
Needed to be spoken,
The world was active,
The work is being done,
My mind was not at ease,
For I am smart enough to know,
Reality is not always what it seems,
We must fight,
Change must happen,
I can’t wait for tomorrow,
For today is right in our face,
So why wait?
I am not in the mood,
I need to see documents,
I need to see new laws,
I am not with the shits,
I need something legit,
Pain been on my mind,
I need to get something off my chest,
Your knee is on my neck,
I kneel to make things correct,
Are you here now,
For the clout,
Are you here now,
To open your mouth,
Until them,
I don’t believe everything,
I am seeing,
I am unrested.

Photo by Koshu Kunii 
Photo by Clay Banks 


  1. a state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, and agitation in a group of people, typically involving public demonstrations or disorder.

Thanks for Reading,
Jixi Fox