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I have been working on a few projects in my mind for the last few weeks, names and titles of the works, then BAM, I a decision had to be made. Do you want to stick your big toe in the water to test the temperature? Well, I have decided YES.

I have decided to work and head back in the studio to work on my latest project.

I have decided on the name of my podcast (which was epically so simple), but required a lot of brain power if I will do it. But I am happy to know the answer.

I have decided to make videos on Tik Tok. Yea I know, like everybody else.

I decided on a lifestyle blog post theme. Well, honestly I can mention this one, “Life in New York City / My New York City Lifestyle“, yet again simple, but it’s going stretch me to go out again and interact with the world. Just know, living in a major in the world, New York City is a wild place with fantastic, interesting, but can be crazy people. 🙂

Celebrate your wins… “I Have Decided“.

Leave a comment: on an important decision you recently had to make?

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In the world of fear,
Listen for the voice,
That cares,
The one who hears,
Fallen were your tears,
The voice that cheers you on,
The voice that cheers you up,
A joke,
A tidbit,
A taste of mint,
Something you may,
Not know,
You needed,
A expression,
Or something,
That hits you just right.

Today we are in trying times. Just a dash of a smile can go a long way. I had to write this as I know and feel for the people going through a dark time or even light. Our mind sometimes race wondering who is still there with you. Are your friends or family thinking about you, or sending a call or text, or are they trapped too behind a fence? Too tense as the volume of the world cries are too dense, will there voice ever reach you?

Okay I know, I wrote that quite poetically, but it has all the essence of what I what to say and describe. 🙂

Leave a comment below, mention a name of a friend that you care for or cares about you that is there for you in these times… that one person that create a dash of sunlight to your day hearing from them.

Photo by Levi Stute 

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