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Status | Photo

Seeming to appear,
Neither here nor there,
But where are we?

Photo by Mona Eendra

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Calming Sight | Flowers | Photo

Photo by Edward Howell

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Pink Jelly Fish | Photo

Photo by Tony Reid

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

Fortune | Art

As we aspire for our fortune in this life, what do you envision?

Sharing a few art pieces I found today that inspire. When I viewed this image I thought of fortunes in my life. I am happy for my admiration for art and mystic.

What are your thoughts?

Photo by Jeffrey Clayton
Photo by Bruno Souza
Photo by Geordanna Cordero

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Itz Jixi | @jixifox

So, I shot a video, what to do next?

It’s been rough couple weeks for me. I didn’t seem to catch a break after I thought I could catch a break. So for me, consistency and resilience is my winning formula. More on the issues, or “L’s” I have been catching, that stopped a few moments I was trying to have. But I am here to just say, I am battling to push the content I have sitting. So no matter the issue I am having, I have to still post.

I am still on for my goal to give back and help others, while sharing educational and entertaining videos for people to have quick laughs and think a bit differently. So, Wednesday is the day of a new trial, I shot a video, and not what?

You know the answer, release it.

Is anyone a video blogger or podcaster on Youtube?

I would love to chat and talk more with others into video making.

Until my next post, stay humble, healthy and fun. Laugh a little bit. 🙂

Photo by Joey Huang

Itz Jixi | @jixifox

A Favorite Book From Childhood

Daily writing prompt
Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

Oh man, this is the fun topic of the day yes. So I didn’t like many books growing up. I was big on kung fu, wrestling and comedic. That was my life. I read books in school of course and a few at home. Now when I think childhood, I am thinking 5th grade and lower, so here goes.

My favorite book from childhood has to be “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. I loved the crazy adventures for the questions and the repetitive nature of the entire book. It was very clever writing to me. I was like who comes up with this. It felt like things I would ask or come up with.

It’s so playful and fun, just like my character in real life. I am the Sam character. I so see myself bothering some grumpy person trying to cheer them up.

I was so exciting about this book, I bought the entire Dr Seuss collection. I was just happy for the series. I may not after having all, enjoyed all the Dr. Seuss books, but the book that help start the love for playful writing was this book.

What are your thoughts?

If you answer this same prompt, share the link in the comments, I am happy to read other’s post. 🙂

I am out, until the next post. 🙂 Be kind in the world.
Itz JixiJixi Fox


Views from above,
Easily when I travel,
I can see everything,
Even every single gravel,
I try I am fly,
I got wings,
I go around the world,
To view and collect things.

Photography = Art.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

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