Life these days is tragic,
I mean in the sense of busy,
Annoying, tiring, lazy, and okay wet,
We crave that good feeling each time,
Money, growth, check…
Then you meet someone special,
Or you trying to find that person,
But we use the same words to describe them,
I want this, I want that,
I want to feel like a balloon floating,
Alright, yea, our mind wonders,
Just to be hoping to not lose on love,
The feeling like everything will be alright,
What to do,
What to say,
Is it okay to open up your true feelings,
But not to everybody,
But why not,
The dream is big,
Don’t lock possibilities,
All the way up..

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Jixi Fox

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I was here,
Then gone,
Now faded,
We were together,
Now apart,
Living in a dream world,
Not so far,
Close to home,
Is where I lay,
Eyes open still,
As I left today,
Was there,
Where will I be tomorrow?


There are days I feel like I am not close to my true self.  I feel I am lost.  It’s almost as if, my surroundings took pieces of me and hid them.  So I try to uncover them in places I have never been.  Like friends, after high school/college, some disappear.  Then there are those you grow really close to, but you are apart.  It’s never too complete as a day-to-day thing.  It’s always like a big reach to get that old feeling bad.

I believe in recreating or bettering yourself.  Sometimes you have to leave a familiar situation for something unique, different, odd, just to be able to collect yourself on who you truly are.  It’s like proving to yourself, whether or not you belong here.  Do I deserve my successes?  Did I do something to deserve this pain?  Who is truly responsible?  There are so many questions to ask, but who and where you get the answers, is not always clear.  The sources of our power to unlock doors, comes from wanting the truth and trying hard on finding them.

I am a firm believer of not giving up and finding a path that’s yours.  It may take a long time, but if you have patience and timing, a long time to others is just right on time for you.  Don’t let them draw you into the sketch, be yourself standing they have to work around you already being there, being yourself.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016 :  Jixi Fox

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Seats filled,
The crowd is glued,
To see me do,
What it is I do,
I make a shot,
The whole place roars,
It’s like I own the building,
About to create my own tour,
Hopefully my jersey will go up,
As one of the greats,
Open your hearts and cheer,
For me,

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016 :  Jixi Fox

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bleeding emptiness

Pierced with holes,
I am no longer whole,
There are gaps in my soul,
I can’t pour out my truth feelings,
I am leaking,
Bleeding emptiness,
As if someone,
Ripped a piece of me out of my chest,
As I stand wounded,
I try to patch myself up,
Hoping I can keep on standing,
Or will my soul leave me,
Laying cold.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016 :  Jixi Fox

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Running Nowhere Fast


Have you ever felt like you been running a long time,
So long, time has no metrics,
You just have been going,
And going,
But no new heights you have reached,
It’s like a verbal contract with yourself just got breached,
You look at time and say,
What have I done since the last time,
The last time I said,
This is the last time,
I can’t measure the success but I am still here,
The same place I last left,
No distance obtained,
Just my eye sight on new routes,
I keep looking at the signs,
But now I am tired,
My feet have no energy to move.

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