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I want so bad,
To quit,
I want so bad,
To be legit,
But I just can’t give in,
I must go forth,
Further in the wind.

Photo by Zac Ong

Jixi Fox

Deep Thoughts And Reflections

Is each change I go through a test?
How do I know if I passed?

Photo by Alec Favale

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love poems – baby steps

as i climb to get to you,
you are not too far,
always in reach,
i can hear your heart,
preach after preach,
how we can be,
anything we want to be,
it’s me,
it’s you,
to the top,
just to see the view.

jixi fox

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love poems – a love story is a series of love poems written to capture the art of love and all the beauty and chaos that comes with it. follow the story…”

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