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love poems – baby steps

as i climb to get to you,
you are not too far,
always in reach,
i can hear your heart,
preach after preach,
how we can be,
anything we want to be,
it’s me,
it’s you,
to the top,
just to see the view.

jixi fox

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love poems – a love story is a series of love poems written to capture the art of love and all the beauty and chaos that comes with it. follow the story…”

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Touch me places,
I can’t imagine,
Unlocked dungeons,
You are the phantom enter in,
Let me loose,
Let me feel a little,
Then I did before,
You are singing me words,
The conductor of my verse,
My body,
My mind,
Everything physical,
Everything inside,
Where you touch,
I will follow,
Your hand guides my mind places,
So deep I gasp,
I swallow,
Where are you going?
Can you take me there?
I inhale you,
You are my atmosphere,
Filling me in places,
I just can’t imagine,
I allow you to do me how you like,
I feel your every passion.

This poem, what can I say is a deep passion post. We all crave a little something different. The ways someone touches you in places, body, mind, soul, out of this world, places unseen, you call it, it’s everything. It makes you just want to give in and give your all. If you just let your guard down and allow someone you trust in, the feeling is beyond the greatest of things. Now can you imagine that?

Thanks for tuning into this series, “Peeping Through The Window” where we are looking outside at ourselves from the inside. We are through the motions of disbelief, frantic, and confusion. It is at certain moments we see relief and acceptance and figure out what’s our next play. What will be the next move to do after seeing what has been going on.

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