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Take the pressure off.
Be more intentional,
When they question you,
Know what you are talking about,
Be present for yourself,
The future you will thank you.

This post is for who needed to hear this today. Be more intentional of you. You are a presence, so acknowledge yourself, now and later.

Photo by 23 Photography

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Missing you daily,
Lately time flies,
I try to say hi,
But soon it’s good bye,
I think of ways we can connect,
A methods we can adopt,
Even though it doesn’t work out,
I won’t ever stop.

Thinking about her, keeps on running through my mind. But we don’t get to connect, because we are always running out of time. She knows my heart is for her, and I know her heart is mine, we just need to hold on to this love, for life can get better in due time.

Photo by Dollar Gill

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What was there,
Ain’t there no more,
Can’t enter,
These suppose closed door,
Break in,
Smash it,
Just don’t corrupt your creativity,
For it ain’t enough,
That they can pay you,
They will try to slave,
That ain’t you,
If then,
Not anymore,
That’s door is now closed.


Photo by Samuel-Elias

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