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When The Money Starts Talking To You 😂👀#Photo #jixifox

When The Money Starts Talking To You 😂👀#Photo #jixifox via Instagram http://ift.tt/2CtdtM9


lavender lust - opheliaryo1_copy_by_ophelia_overdose

Popping out the picture frame,
Can you feel my pain?
Does it matter?
I got my eyes on you,
Just not my hands,
I want you to take cake,
That’s the plan,
I feel for you so much,
Without having been even close,
You say the least words,
But for me they say the most,
You are gentle on the eyes,
I am surprised by the joy,
I get thinking of you,
Possibilities awaits us…

Photo via: Google Images / ophelia_overdose


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