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Oh Oh Oh

Tis the season to be joyful. Even though things are not 100% perfect, we have to battle though. Our friends, our family can guide us to more happiness when we cherish moments, conversation and being in the moment.

So don’t always go for the no, dabble in the yes and express your inner thoughts and try new moods you haven’t been expressing.

Live a little.


In life we need more wins. So I found a few wins and inspiration to share with you to keep you going, in the fight to find happiness…
Check them out below, in the form of signs

you are enough
i hate nothing about you
don’t give up. you are not alone. you matter.
you got this.
do what you love.
i miss you like the deserts miss the rain.
love is all you need.

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thank you.



You see it happening,
But you can’t change the outcome,
When the waves come crashing,
It’s hard to not imagine,
That something bad is about to go down,
I mean you can change point of views,
You just can’t escape your body,
When the damage is done,
We offer words up,
Like sorry,
Sorry, you are going through that ordeal,
Sorry for the pain you went through,
I know that is was real,
Sorry for everything,
I can’t imagine how you feel,

Bad mother fudger,
I feel bad,
The worse has become present,
It’s not even the past,
For the past still hurts,
So what to do when you see someone crashing?
Do you try to help?
Or even save?
Do you watch head on?
Or do you look away?

Photo by Rob Potter

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