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My blog is sitting on 30 stacks [Blog-A-Day-May] #28

I am happy to announce a milestone for my blog.  My blog just made 30,000 views.  I never thought my blog could stack numbers like this, and I really just started on it to be somethng great.  Oh my 30 stacks views is something awesome to say out loud to myself.  I must thank myself for all the hardwork and everyone who ever viewed my page.

So imagine me stepping up and trying to double those numbers….Of course you know I am.

itz jixi

50,000 views is the GOAL!! by Jixi Fox

A case of the Mondays

Image by Μichael via Flickr

My goal of 2011 via my blog is to reach 50,000 views total.  I am currently sitting on 26,000 so far, so another 24,000 views is my target.  I feel I can reach for the sky and say 75,000 views which is reachable, but I am going to just say 50,000.  (In my own mind, I if I reach to 50,000 then that’s great, but being competitive with myself I am gunning for 75,000.) Do you think I can make it?  Well I am going to have to earn every single view I get.  So it’s just quality, great content and fun things for the world to enjoy is what I will be producing…So Jixi Fox, your goal for your blog this year is:

50,000 views total by the end of Dec. 2011

Jixi Fox Goal #1 of 2011

Oh I forgot to mention where I shall be having the views…lol. Well of course right here on my WordPress Blog (Jixi Fox on WordPress), I have a different GOAL for my Blogspot and Tumblr Blog.  I am everywhere you know.  I am trying to reach the world.  Anyways, if you can help me out and enjoy my content, SUBSCRIBE to me via email if you like.  :)_ have a great day!

Always aim for your goals in life…
Itz Jixi