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I always try to resist,
I always try to catch my grip,
I always try to be bold,
I fell for a girl again,
I fell deep,
I couldn’t catch myself,
I was feeling her to much,
I couldn’t help myself,
By me being excited,
She left me dry,
As much as I am feeling her,
To her I was not her type of guy.

Photo by Zest Tea

Jixi Fox


It was just one time,
That I let her in,
I did everything,
I even gave her a ring,
But it seems that everything I have done,
Wasn’t enough,
She gave me an ultimatum,
I thought it was a bluff,
She tried to cuff me,
That didn’t work,
It wasn’t good enough,
So I had to show her how manly I was,
I showed her how buff,
I didn’t know what it was,
On the top,
It was the muff,
But still,
I am lonely,
And it’s dangerous.

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Jixi Fox
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