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TIME ENDS #stories

You might say,

We are late,

But times expires,

Time ends,


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AMNESIA #stories

Quickly you forget,
Everything that was done,
The times I jump in the front of the gun,
As it was spraying bullets,
At you,
And when I fell,
Gone is where you went,
Lost and broken,
I dug out of the mud,
Life throws lemons my way,
In the way of gun,
spraying bullets at you,
In which were meant to hit,
For you seem to have forgotten,
My sacrifices for your survival,
As you are in denial,
But not in thoughts,
No memory,
Building up the energy,
To put my life on the line,
One more time,
But for you,
I don’t see,
I think I am coming down with, 
A serious case
Of Amnesia,
You have been erased.

Photo by Ravi Roshan

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BOGUS #Stories

Always painting pictures,
Of hope,
Lying from their throats,
Claiming to be goats,
But not,
Got the stories lined up,
Ha ha,
They think we listening,
Their minds are ducked up,
Can’t save them,
They don’t want to be saved,
They want to be weird,
How could they stop?
They won’t,
They CAN….

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald 

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I open,
I close,
I am fast,
I am slow,
I fold,
I open,
I see,
I feel,
I am only real,
As I allow me to be.

Photo by David Hurley 

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Not On Deck | @jixifox

If things aint on DECK, people aint seen it YET,
They are too far gone (Drake), they need to open up their eyes (WAKE),
They not eating right (NO FOOD upon THEIR DINNER PLATE),
They can’t even keep up (they SLOW, LATE).

– Jixi Fox


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Drake is one of the most successful emerging C...

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