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In my fifteen minutes of fame,
I went insane,
Young boy, high school,
Number 15 on his jersey,
Making the history,
Honor roll every year,
You couldn’t see me,
I was smooth and shy,
Writing poetry to the ladies so dreamy,
I was fiending to be more,
But I know it didn’t matter the score,
That, someone, can always be better,
But I know and knew then,
That no one was better than me,
I was me, fast pace,
Hitting corners quickly in the rat race,
All I did was stay humble,
Started off from the bench,
Until you smell what I was cooking,
I bet you smell the stench,
I throw a wrench in everyone’s plan,
Claim my own path,
From then, I have always been the man.


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Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2018: Jixi Fox

Facebook: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox


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