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Laying down saying,
It’s no more playing,
I ain’t outside slaying,
For to me,
I been win,
I been grin,
I laughed a lot in my life,
I been sinned,
Wasn’t perfect,
I heard it,
I birthed,
My will,
And I found a way,
Went from black,
Then started grey,
Reverse the curse,
Created a few prodigies,
Redeemed a few prophecies,
Created a monopoly,
I still think I am the one to beat.

Photo by Patrick Pierre


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It’s a smooth summer day,
Tonight it’s time to play,
Grab some friends,
Better yet your family,
Tonight we about to slay,
Feeling the groove,
Might be in a saucy mood,
It’s about the talk of the town,
It’s about to go down,
Heartbeat racing,
Feet moving and pacing,
We on the dance floor,
And everything is amazing.

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Written by: Jixi Fox
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Move over here I come,
The best at performance,
The competition is none,
For it’s my time to shine,
I have been shining for a while,
My class is above yours,
Yours don’t deserve the time,
To look,
You are not wavy,
The swag I got,
Even beats our adorable cute new baby,
Lately, my design has been so smooth,
You probably so excited,
And want to see my new design in nude.


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Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2018: Jixi Fox

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