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I came back right on time…I could I have missed my own anniversary? Wow, so many years have passed, really wonderful years. I have created so many series, and met so many people, but still the journey continues. I am reached heights, I didn’t even see coming. I have piloted my blog to close to 600,000 views (I call them smiley faces) for I want to bring smiles and share love to everyone I encounter and tell everyone to keep pushing toward whatever they love to do.


Big toast, to 12 years…Thank you WordPress…It’s be amazing, and we still have places to go.

Thanks to anyone who ever viewed, dropped a like or just a kind friend who came over to my space. #community.

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Happy 11 years Blogging Anniversary with WordPress

Oh, my has the time passed, it’s 11 years already WordPress?  I am so humble and happy to make it 11 years on a platform such as WordPress where my creativity ran free, met a ton of writers and bloggers, and so many other creatives.  

It’s been a beautiful ride here…I am surely going to be sticking around for years to come.  I mean I have reached over 500,000 views on my site, and I 500,000 views short of 1,000,000.   So really I have my work cut out for me.  Time to dive in and write, why not?

Thanks to everyone who pass by and friends over the years and new ones… Don’t you give up.  Find your happiness in writing and write & share, and the world will bless you back with happy moments.

I am Social, So Feel Free to Connect… 🙂 


happy new year


Here we go again my friend,
Let’s get them resolutions popping,
No more flopping,
Matter of fact,
Let’s stop with the plotting,
Just run wild in with extremities,
And learn more life lessons,
So you can transfer your experiences,
Into the path of someone else’s vision,
And show them what not to do,
Soon you will see who is the true you,
While slowing down with the antics,
And plan things, execute and win,
A smile on the face,
And not fall from an uppercut from right under your chin.

Happy New Year to all… It’s exciting to say we have reached here again, let’s make some memorable experiences.  What is just one thing you would like to get done or do this year?

Jixi Fox


50,000 views is the GOAL!! by Jixi Fox

A case of the Mondays

Image by Μichael via Flickr

My goal of 2011 via my blog is to reach 50,000 views total.  I am currently sitting on 26,000 so far, so another 24,000 views is my target.  I feel I can reach for the sky and say 75,000 views which is reachable, but I am going to just say 50,000.  (In my own mind, I if I reach to 50,000 then that’s great, but being competitive with myself I am gunning for 75,000.) Do you think I can make it?  Well I am going to have to earn every single view I get.  So it’s just quality, great content and fun things for the world to enjoy is what I will be producing…So Jixi Fox, your goal for your blog this year is:

50,000 views total by the end of Dec. 2011

Jixi Fox Goal #1 of 2011

Oh I forgot to mention where I shall be having the views…lol. Well of course right here on my WordPress Blog (Jixi Fox on WordPress), I have a different GOAL for my Blogspot and Tumblr Blog.  I am everywhere you know.  I am trying to reach the world.  Anyways, if you can help me out and enjoy my content, SUBSCRIBE to me via email if you like.  :)_ have a great day!

Always aim for your goals in life…
Itz Jixi