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What beauty looks like. Vacation on an island, who wants to come? The view is amazing from above, but I am sure the experience going and walking have a lovely day beats just this view.

The caribbean islands are epic for this views. I hope to experience a few of these in my life. So I need to get busy planning and of course it’s going to cost, so of course you will need money and a travel buddy. Traveling in a pair or more saves money. I think I just realize why women always ask about a travel partner, via it’s expensive traveling alone to these destinations.

Photography = Art.

Photo by Hoodh Ahmed

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I want to runaway,
On vacation,
If I don’t get to go,
It’s a staycation,
All I want is relations,
Let’s build us a nation,
If I fly out,
It’s first class,
Don’t be mad at me,
If you board last,
It’s all about class,
There is nothing about me tacky,
I lose my mind around new art,
My head tends to go wacky,
Trips to Rome,
Maybe even the Caribbean,
I am heading to all the islands,
But if I am crashed I am Gilligan,
I like fashion and eats,
No need to be discrete,
Like Beyonce I got hot sauce in my bag,
I stay with all the treats,
So if I ran away,
Just know my suitcase is filled,
I may not be rich,
My outfit makes me feel like a hundred mil,
So just chill,
Grab a drink,
Hit the beach,
Tik Tok dances at the hotel suite,
If you see me out and about,
Don’t tell anyone, hush your mouth.

National Poetry Writing Month

Photo by Melissa Askew

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© ℗ 2022 | Jixi Fox

Where and When – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

Foggy Tree Branch

Foggy Tree Branch (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

I am running as fast as I can,
To which ever end I don’t know,
I simply can’t translate my thoughts,
I don’t know where to go,
Foggy glasses in a glass shed of memories,
I try not to copy my pass fails in my present form,
I don’t want to go where everyone has been,
I just want to go where I need to go,
When is that time?
Where am I going?
On this lonesome journey I need followers,
Some to keep my safe and others to give me water,
For my thirst cannot be quench thus so easily,
I am still not there yet,
Or did I even start?
No one follows behind me,
Yet my shadow is not too far apart,
Where am I going, I running as fast as I can,
When I slow down maybe I will see who was behind me,
And was following from when I first began.

Where and When
by: Jixi Fox

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