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2013 in Review by: Jixi Fox

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 8,400 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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As of October 1, 2013, I am proud member/blogger of WordPress for 6 years.  Welcome to my 6th year Anniversary.  I have to pat myself on the back for such an accomplishment.  I started from the bottom and I am still here.  Cheers to many more years.

Jixi Fox


What do you think of the “NEW TITLE NAME” and “DESCRIPTION”?

Please I need your input… 🙂

Thank you are all you that have followed and subscribed to my blog.  I am so grateful, you just don’t even know.  I have hoped I have entertained you, made you laugh at the things I have written on my blog.  I try my best to try new word play that are simple and catchy.  I love the short form of humor.  I write these daily to bring a smile to your faces, all over the world.

Jixi Fox - Creative Nemesis - Grey

I am asking for your HELP today, just a simple opinion.  I have just recently changed my Title and Description of my blog and I wanted to know if you like it.  I thought the title before was too general, and a bit blah or mainly just needed an upgrade.

Here is what my title & description was before:

Funny Improv Comedy Acting and Entertainment
Jixi Fox is a weird guy, goofy at times, but super funny, and creative, living in nyc.

Here is what my title & description is today:

Jixi’s Life Leaf of Humor, Poetry & Free Verse
Jixi Fox is witty and goofy prose poetry comedian, actor, entertainer of parodies living in nyc.

I like the new title, via it goes with how I write and the type of humor and poetry I write.  I do tons more and they all are themed of random titles, life situations, playful wordplay and lyrics.  So I felt “Life Leaf” was a fresh feel.  I was thinking of my blog as a tree, and has a bunch of leaves they creates a whole.  Or you can think of it as a flower too, just blooming with happiness and fun for your everyday.

It really matters to me what you think and hope you can spend a few seconds to let me know your thoughts.

I thank you all for following and I try to reach out as much as I can and visit others blogs, even if it drop a smiley face for I enjoyed your work.  I am very simple, plus it’s a like, a view, a comment, and a happy smile all at once, to help you enjoy your day.

Anyways, if you need any help or got questions for me, you are always email me, leave a comment, or chit-chat with me on Twitter @jixifox or be friends on Facebook Jixi Fox.

Also if you like comedy sketches, I have Youtube channel with Funny Parodies and more.  Check them out and have a good laugh.

Jixi Fox
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Teacher being a pest, thinking I ain’t going to pass this test,
She crazy son, I got something up my sleeves, I am going to cheat my ass off.
I got a tiny paper that I scribbled on, even got a backup plan in form,
Nerd on my left, pretty girl on my right, both want to cool with the popular guy. A+

Teacher couldn’t believe her eyes…Until she ask me to take the test again. Who snitched?

Jixi Fox



Aint nothing passing me except height,
I can stop anything running to first and second base, my might,
I am willing to laughs if she says I have a short stuff,
But remember this girl I am just a short stop,

Jixi Fox | http://www.youtube.com/jixifox
The Creative Nemesis | http://www.fb.me/jixifox

I Beg Your Pardon

Pardon Me, Sir

Noob, what did you say as your lips split with cryptic words that flow,
You didn’t know I was sent to burn, leaving ashes, float as flies and glow,
I am not sure if I heard you right, I define and create a matrix of depth,
For all the power I bestow, you should already know the words not to be said.

Jixi Fox | http://www.youtube.com/jixifox
The Creative Nemesis | http://www.jixifox.me

A Girl, My Type

She loves it when I bring home the bacon,
So she whipped up some grits,
She is truly my lady, she compliments me, she does her thing,
She is never into to losing, she is about that life, she is down to win.

Jixi Fox | http://www.youtube.com/jixifox
The Creative Nemesis | http://www.jixifox.me

The Day of Love

Happiness came beaming out of me, so bright I could prevent shining,
I was so humble by the feeling I could stop smiling so I started writing,
Love notes to the one who had my heart and to whom I had there’s,
I am love stricken, the joy I feel only came out as happiness with tears.

Jixi Fox | http://www.youtube.com/jixifox
The Creative Nemesis | http://www.jixifox.me