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What do you think of the “NEW TITLE NAME” and “DESCRIPTION”?

Please I need your input… ūüôā

Thank you are all you that have followed and subscribed to my blog. ¬†I am so grateful, you just don’t even know. ¬†I have hoped I have entertained you, made you laugh at the things I have written on my blog. ¬†I try my best to try new word play that are simple and catchy. ¬†I love the short form of humor. ¬†I write these daily to bring a smile to your faces, all over the world.

Jixi Fox - Creative Nemesis - Grey

I am asking for your HELP today, just a simple opinion.  I have just recently changed my Title and Description of my blog and I wanted to know if you like it.  I thought the title before was too general, and a bit blah or mainly just needed an upgrade.

Here is what my title & description was before:

Funny Improv Comedy Acting and Entertainment
Jixi Fox is a weird guy, goofy at times, but super funny, and creative, living in nyc.

Here is what my title & description is today:

Jixi’s Life Leaf of Humor, Poetry & Free Verse
Jixi Fox is witty and goofy prose poetry comedian, actor, entertainer of parodies living in nyc.

I like the new title, via it goes with how I write and the type of humor and poetry I write. ¬†I do tons more and they all are themed of random titles, life situations, playful wordplay and lyrics. ¬†So I felt “Life Leaf” was a fresh feel. ¬†I was thinking of my blog as a tree, and has a bunch of leaves they creates a whole. ¬†Or you can think of it as a flower too, just blooming with happiness and fun for your everyday.

It really matters to me what you think and hope you can spend a few seconds to let me know your thoughts.

I thank you all for following and I try to reach out as much as I can and visit others blogs, even if it drop a smiley face for I enjoyed your work. ¬†I am very simple, plus it’s a like, a view, a comment, and a happy smile all at once, to help you enjoy your day.

Anyways, if you need any help or got questions for me, you are always email me, leave a comment, or chit-chat with me on Twitter @jixifox or be friends on Facebook Jixi Fox.

Also if you like comedy sketches, I have Youtube channel with Funny Parodies and more.  Check them out and have a good laugh.

Jixi Fox
[The Creative Nemesis]
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Thursday Night, The Spoken Word

English: Why so serious, Britney?

English: Why so serious, Britney? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lyrically I am a creative menace,
Society’s¬†rebellious¬†Anti pop-culture tenant,
The nemesis of creativity, I am the savior,
I will entertain the world with my abstract behavior.
(Jixi is NOW HERE)

– Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Only But A Lone Flower

Sorrow is nothing but an art,
We use it to build new bridges or burn the old,
We use it to grow together or just alone,
Like a lone flower, we either live or wither away at the end.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis