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The Day of My Arrival


Once I step foot here, I made the earth shake,
Once I open my mouth to speak, all ears anxiously listened,
As I made my first motion with my hand, the world nervously watched,
Then I did something outrageous and opened a CAN OF WHOOP ASS.

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It ain’t funny when I am running for the money,
Watch me pull up,
Hands crossed,
Feet planted,
Exploded off the floor,
I give away the ha ha’s,
You know my style,
Make you laugh until your belly drop,
That’s my way to say hi,
So if you try to play,
I got those memes for days,
Release them in a series,
You won’t want to mess with me,
For weeks or days,
Going through a phase of woes,
So watch out,
I am creeping through window sills and doors,
Mostly through the internet.

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funny meme comedy - clubbing be like this when on coke

Caption: This is the coke head bounce when you in the club…

funny meme comedy - dog coming crazy

Caption: When that one crazy person comes over to chill..WTF

funny meme comedy - bird attacks cat for trying to be thuggish

Caption: When thug life got your caught up, now you scared…


funny meme comedy - when someone just spoils the flow

Caption 1: When someone jumps in and messes up the flow…
Caption 2: When your enemy is running right beside you, can’t help himself

funny meme comedy - those moments you waiting for your windows computer to load

Caption: Those moments you waiting for your windows computer to load

funny meme comedy - when you tell em you a jedi but they dont believe you

Caption: When you tell em you a jedi but they don’t believe you


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